On Saturday, 9 July 2022 16:46:02 BST Bob Dunlop wrote:
> Ah Google threw up a French datasheet.  Nightmode is <2.5W.
> So I guess it's a measurment issue.

I actually have an English copy of the User Manual, but I didn't think to 
search for Night Mode.

> On a related note I've just about finished converting the house (inside
> and out) to LED/CFL lighting.  Can anyone think of a use for all the old
> incandescent bulbs or even how they can be recycled?

There used to be projects where you put an electric light bulb in an old 
biscuit tin with holes in it, but I can't remember why.  :-)

I put all of ours into the electrical bin at the Recycling Centre.


                Terry Coles

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