Sorry, will not be with you tonight as we leave for CH at 5am driving to Tunnel for the crossing.  Will not be with you next month either so see you in November.

Have a good meeting.

On 06/09/2022 16:03, Terry Coles wrote:

The next Online Meeting is tonight at 8 pm using Jitsi.

Simply click on the following link and you will be taken to the Meeting
using your default browser:

Chrome or Chromium are probably better than Firefox for using Jitsi.  An
alternative to installing one of those two is to obtain it bundled especially
for Jitsi from:

This should be as simple as

    wget -q
    chmod +x jitsi-meet-x86_64.AppImage

and then entering ‘dorset-lug’ as the meeting ID.

Hope to see you all this evening.

 Next meeting: Online, Jitsi, Tuesday, 2022-09-06 20:00
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