On Tue, Sep 20 at 05:26, Peter Merchant wrote:

> I wonder if you could ask the group for any suggestions around ,£500. 256 
> /512 SSD 8GB memory i3/5 or AMDr3/5, Al chassis, 14"+/- , fingerprint and 
> backlight UK keyboard.

I used PC Specialist [1] for my last laptop a few years back, their
front page prices include windows so go into configure and select No OS
and watch the price drop.  Their Pre-Sales support were most helpful
confirming the Ubuntu/Mint would work with every thing and even pointed
meot the OEM manual for the underlying hardware.  The hardware warantee
doesn't evaporate if you open the box either.  Never had to call Post-
Sales support.

Intergrated fingerprint will be the sticking point with linux and many
laptops.  I've used a Yubico key for 2FA and login with Ubuntu before
so what about using the later YubiKey Bio Series with built in scanner.

[1] https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/laptop-series/14/

        Bob Dunlop

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