On 05/10/2022 09:52, Peter Merchant wrote:
For now I have gone over to the Dark Side and bought the Mrs. a Windows 10 Laptop as she is forever complaining about this Linux stuff.  The main real problem is LibreOffice misbehaving on the format of cells, but I gave in. Also our main home computer motherboard bundle was bought in 2008, and the hard disk is even older, so I thought it was time to upgrade the hardware.

It has been a while since I worked with Windows (XP, NT4) so getting around W10 is a pain, and it won't let me install firefox/Thunderbird or LibreOffice because it is in 'S' mode, so I am ticked off.

But Linux is too difficult; your wide says so :-)

Will this new laptop work with Linux. Eventually i'll find out.
What make is it?

Terry Coles

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