The Government's Project Gigabit aims to increase good broadband to
rural areas.  https://projectgigabit.campaign.gov.uk/

Though I don't think Hugh's eligible because...

   ā€˜Vouchers in your area have been paused as your address may shortly
    be included in one of our Project Gigabit contracts.  This could
    mean your home is in line for gigabit broadband without the need for
    a voucher.  Please check back in a few weeksā€™ time for any further

That page then lists three suppliers in the area.

Jurassic Fibre, another local supplier installing equipment beneath the
pavements.  https://jurassic-fibre.com

The Segger J-Link EDU and EDU Mini are cheaper versions of the J-Link
BASE JTAG-and-SWD debug probe aimed at the hobbyist for non-commercial

A nascent Mastodon instance.  https://dorset.social

Use fail2ban to monitor a single file for a particular string and run a
certain command each time it appears.  https://www.fail2ban.org

Or build it yourself.  This is Unix.

    for n in {1..31514}; do
        echo $n >>log
        sleep 0.1
    done & \
    tail -f log |
    grep -E --line-buffered '3|(.)\1\1' |
    while read -r l; do
        sed -n "$l{=;p;q}" /usr/share/dict/words

FreeRTOS has had backing for a while now from Amazon which wants to
speed the development of IoT devices which may then use AWS.  It's a
good easy RTOS to get started with.  https://www.freertos.org

A rival from The Linux Foundation is Zephyr.  It has backing from the
likes of Intel, Nordic, and NXP who contribute device drivers and other
work.  Its configuration and build system is a bigger initial hurdle
though.  https://zephyrproject.org

Software bugs kill but software testing tends to only check things work,
not how things can break.  Competent code inspection can spot the
latter.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therac-25

Unified Modeling [sic] Language is at the end of a long lineage of
systems for using diagrams to analyse requirements, develop software,
and document behaviour.  It grew out of the Object Orientated movement.

Cheers, Ralph.

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