If you have an older kernel on your system boot using that to make sure its not a kernel issue

Tim H

On 11/12/2022 12:55, Peter Merchant wrote:
If I leave my  Kubuntu 20.04 for awhile, I have usually left Thunderbird and Vivaldi up, and when I come back and try and do something the computer goes off into never-never  land, the screen goes blank, and I can hear the HD crunching, and it needs the power button hold down to shut it down.

I think that this has happened after a boot up, if I have left it for awhile and I hit T'bird and Vivaldi  one after the other to bring them up.

Any thoughts on where I should look to track this problem?

I am tempted to bleachbit the computer, or to replace Vivaldi with Opera on the offchance that Vivaldi is the cause.



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