Happy New Year to All

Sorry to miss the meeting but had family here for Christmas and Tuesday was last day.

Have a problem with my HP Colour Inkjet 309a.
Today printed 1 lot of 10 copies of letter with a colour picture, all OK.  Printed second lot of 10 and they started to print the picture in a shade of green.  Stopped the run and tried several different options to no effect.  Even tried printing as 'greyscale' Black & White ans still got a lighter shade of green.
This has happened before just recently.
Checked printer cartridges and printer reports OK but computer reports 'out of ink'!  The HPLIP GUI does not report any ink levels. Running Mint 21.1 latest version, hoped that would sort it out but no change.  Printer switched off twice, System reset, re installed printer; no change  Happens on both laptop & desktop machines. Any idea's as to what's happening please.  Is it the printer problem (to old!) or possible the cartridges playing up?  Printer drum but it's an Inkjet not laser.
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