Hi Clive,

> On my laptop for the past couple of months my emails have been 'slow
> to send'.  It seems to be before connection is made to the 'server'.
> All other internet connections are not affected and the desktop
> machine (same settings/OS) has not been affected just my LT.

Is that laptop using Wi-Fi and the desktop using wired Ethernet?
If so, try with the laptop wired up too.

> After pressing the 'send' button that's when it's slow, approx 3-6
> seconds: it used to go within 1 second.
> Can anyone give a terminal command to find out what's happening.

It's a bit difficult because there are various ways to connect to an
SMTP server to hand over an email to send.  Assuming a TLS connection is
made then you could try this, all on one line.

    script -c 'strace -ttt -T -fe %network openssl s_client -quiet 
mail.server.name:465 <<<quit'

Change ‘mail.server.name’ to the host name Thunderbird is connecting to.
The 465 is the ‘submissions’ port and that might need changing too; it's
hard to say without knowing the host name and port which Thunderbird are

The output will be copied to a new file called ‘typescript’.  The start
of each line is a timestamp showing seconds.microseconds and the end of
some of the lines will have ‘<sec.usec>’ showing how long that
system call took.

It will hopefully show some long delay at one particular stage.

Cheers, Ralph.

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