That worked, and started bringing up a myriad of notifications on the bottom 
right of teh screen to do with
" pasystray
New Sink "xxxxbxbxbxbxbxbxb"
also_output ~~~~~~~~
 and somehow I got to pasystray and selected my desired output and all is now 
good. I have rebooted to confirm that my music plays smoothly.

Hopefully if nothing goes wrong I'll have got rid of the feedback noise from 
Tuesdays meeting.


On 10/03/2023 11:26, Peter Merchant wrote:
I am just working through this:


On 10/03/2023 09:23, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Hi Peter,

Back to my main system Pavucontrol keep saying /no output devices
available/, but
     aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****

Does ‘systemctl status --user pulseaudio.service’ look healthy?

If you search the distro's packages, is there a PulseAudio + ALSA
package which isn't installed?

These may be useful:

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