Hi All on DLUG Meeting.

Thanks to you it appears Hugh is correct and today Tsohost have corrected the MX server. At the moment my cinfo email is working but the others are not - yet.  Nead to check tomorrow that the changes to MX have filtered thro' the system. Replying to Peters email below which has just appeared as I was updating the Thunderbird emails on the desktop, so hope this gets out.
Many thanks Hugh and others for your help.

On 08/06/2023 13:05, Peter Merchant wrote:
I printed it off, but never got  it to Clive before the meeting. It's now being recycled through the printer.
On 08/06/2023 10:13, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Hi Hugh,

2. Clive's provider has not updated the MX record for his domain to point
to the new server, so the mail still goes to the old server.
That tallies with my off-list email to Peter yesterday, CC'd Clive.
I was pointing out this list had suspended Clive's subscription because
of bounces.  Each bounce was due to the MX host for the domain refusing
to accept the email because the LUG hadn't authenticated.  In other
words, it was as if the MX record was misconfigured to be an SMTP
server that Clive should be using to send email rather than the incoming
SMTP server others should use to email Clive.

As expected, the CC to Clive bounced.  :-)

I've never been clear who provides the email system which Clive is
using.  If it's GoDaddy then, as I wrote to Peter yesterday, an Internet
search found
https://uk.godaddy.com/help/check-and-manage-my-mx-records-7590 which
suggests the two DNS MX RRs should be

      0 smtp.secureserver.net
     10 mailstore1.secureserver.net

This page gives IMAP and outgoing SMTP server configuration.

swaks(1) can be useful to give command-line SMTP email tests for someone
else to run and feedback the result.  Similarly fetchmail(1) for POP3 or

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