I have a Brother HL-1210 Laser printer connected via Wifi and it has worked 
reliably for a good few years now. I also use the brother iprint app on my 
tablet to print to it.  I seem to remember having to update the driver from the 
Brother website when I first installed it.


On 18/06/2023 09:24, CA Wills wrote:
Hi All

I think the problems with the emails has finally been sorted, thanks for your 
help during the Jisi Meet.  Spoke too soon not able to send this as 'SMPT 
server not authenticated ', now awaiting TSOHOST to sort out again.

So now I'm thinking of replacing the old HP B&W Laserjet 1022 with one that 
will do double sided printing and has network connections.  The HP does not do 
double side and is not network ready. It is connected via a Raspberry Pi Zero which 
works from the laptop _most _times but will not connect reliably to the desktop or 
tablet.  Yesterday took 30mins to get it to print, in the end sent it to the laptop 
and eventually got a print - not reliable enough and my wife goes barmy trying to 

Looking at the Brother MFC-L2710D, it appears to be OK for both printing & 
scanning, I only need mono printing as that's the main use.
Any comments please; before I order one?  Vicking seem to be reasonable price 
and give quick delivery.  Curry's not in stock when I looked.

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