On 08/07/2023 15:14, Terry Coles wrote:
On 08/07/2023 15:05, Peter Merchant wrote:
Does anybody subscribe to the MagPi and have this section on programming robots 
with Python? Is it worth me buying the mag?

I subscribed for several years from Issue 1 until around 18 months ago.  I 
don't suppose that I'd have the Issue containing the Article you mentioned (you 
don't say which Issue it was).

Regarding whether MagPi is worth it; I found it useful in the early days and I 
got a free RPi Zero W!

Yes, I bought it for the free Pi-zeroW too. It is the latest issue that has the 
robotics/python stuff. Do you still have on-line access to articles?

I guess I'll have to gt into WHSmith in Wimborne for it. Both grandchildren 13, 12 
yer 9 & 7 got good reports on their Python work.


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