With Hamish's help, I've got as far as logging into the WMT Database over ssh; it appears that my keys didn't match.

I'm now back to trying to access the database using the MySQL Client in a shell.  Originally, I was getting a problem owing to a mismatch between the Version on the server (5.1.56) and the version provided by Ubuntu 23.04 (8.033).  I uninstalled the package mysql-client-8.0, and downloaded MySQL-client-5.1.56-1.glibc23.x86_64.rpm from the MySQL website, (there is no deb available). I then used alien to convert the rpm to a deb format and installed it.

However, when I tried to run this, I got:

terry@OptiPlex:~/Useful$ mysql -u <username> -p -h mysql: error while loading shared libraries: libncursesw.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Clearly there is an incompatibility here with the kernel. Does this mean I cannot use it on this machine without (perhaps) running everything in a VM?

Terry Coles

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