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>What are the .uex files?

"UE" in Microsoft terminology means "user education" which translates to
documentation team.  So .UEX files are documentation extension files as
you correctly speculated.

There are a variety of reasons the SSCLI distribution did not ship the
.UEX files:
- The SSCLI implementation of the C# compiler doesn't support the XML
documentation generation feature. This is because of a dependency on
MSXML3 which is beyond the scope of the porting effort.
- The .UEX process is very convoluted and not really easily modified for
external use.

The origin of .UEX files is interesting.  Initially, doc writers and
devs added XML documentation to the source file but over time with such
a large project this resulted in doc changes breaking the build and
other unpleasantness which lead to putting documentation specific
changes in an external include-style file.
****** EXACTLY
Is there any way to do this with the current version of .NET?

>I also can't find anything related to <devdoc>.

If I remember correctly, <devdoc> is an internal tag used to indicate
documentation originating from the dev and not the doc team. Devs would
continue to add some documentation comments directly in the source file
and this tag allowed the tools downstream to understand what to do with
this info when generating the doc set.


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