I was following the earlier namespaces discussion and I would like to
repost a doubt. I need to have some kind of archiving, it means, store old
messages into a cheap storage. But I couldn´t think any other solution
than symlinks.

Then, I thought about store 'Sent Items'  (as having old messages and less
acessed). But I also needed to do with nfs and symlinks. So, it comes the
namespaces discussion and a little brainstorm:

1) Could I have a namespace only with INBOX and the personal folders
(drafts, sent items, etc)  in another one - and those would be stored in
huge sata disks while inbox in 300g sas disks ?

2) Could I maintain the prior configuration, but let the second namespace
hidden and having the inbox subfolders (or any specific as sent items) as
virtual folder ? I don´t know if this makes sense...

3) Could I have my normal Inbox and a folder (in another disk - ex. huge
sata one) storing files older than 30 days and through virtual folders
join these messages in a common virtual INBOX while acessing imap or pop3

What do you thing, would you have another better approach ?

Best Regards,

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