Good day everyone,

I have a situation where my mail-folder structure (mdbox) ist like this:

My users have the following data:

$ doveadm user

field   value
home    /srv/mail/
mail    mdbox:foo/

I also do replication between 2 nodes. Now, I sometimes (when a lot of
replication is happening I get the following errors:

dovecot: dsync-local( Error: Couldn't lock
/srv/mail//.dovecot-sync.lock: Timed out after 60 seconds

This of course not only for

It seems to me, that my mailbox structure should rather be:

$ doveadm user

field   value
home    /srv/mail/foo

in order to get rid of these messages? Unfortunatly I cannot change that.

I've searched around and took a look into the code of dsync-server,
unfortunatly the path to the lockfile is not configurable.

Is there a way to somehow configure the lock-file location for dsync-server?

Thanks very much,

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