On 10/12/16 4:11 PM, Joseph Tam wrote:

Old server:
* Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
* Dovecot 2.1.13
* Maildir++
* Local auth via passwd/shadow files

New server:
* Debian GNU/Linux 8.6
* Dovecot 2.2.13
* Maildir++
* Quotas enabled

Basically what's happening is that users are seeing large delays when
navigating between different IMAP folders. So, for example, user "X" is
sitting idle in their INBOX.

Rebuilding caches?  Do you get the same delay when going back to the folder
after the initial delay.

Joseph Tam <jtam.h...@gmail.com>

No, but once sitting idle again for 10-15 seconds, the delay occurs again regardless of which folder you choose.

Am I understanding your question correctly? It really seems to me like Outlook is prematurely ending IMAP sessions.

I also extended the "Server Timeout" setting in OT2010 to 10 minutes, which doesn't seem to help either. (!)

I was considering enabling the auth_cache feature to see if that helps.

I'll let the list know what happens -- planning on doing that today.

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