I am running into this error:
/Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded

The suggested solution in hundreds of support requests on this mailing
list and throughout the internet is to increase the number of maximum
userip connections. But this is not curing the problem, it is just
postponing it to the moment when the new limit is reached.

When i type:
/doveadm who//

I can see that some accounts have several pids running:
/someaccount       10 imap  (25396 25391 25386 25381 25374 7822 7817
5559 5543 5531) (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)/

Now when I check these pids with
/ps aux/

I find out that the oldest pid (5531) has a lifetime of already over 12
hours. Anyway I know that the clients that initiated the connections are
not connected anymore, so there is no way that there is a valid reason
why this connection should still be open.
Also I never had this problem before, it appeared some months ago.

Does anybody know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

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