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(Sorry I read this list in digest form so frequently I'm half a step

No problem.

No, it's quite explicit. User "webuser" has uid/gid =
1001(webuser)/1000(ftpusers). Your mail spool has permission uid/gid
= root(0)/mail(8), neither of which allows webuser to write to this
mail spool to creates its own mail folder.

You're right (I don't have enough Unix habits, it seems...).
I couldn't change this user (it must be in the ftpusers group for other 
purposes), so I tried adding another user for testing mail.

"mailtest", the new user, is in group mail(8). In addition, I've added write permission for 
"others" to /var/mail. Now, I'm trying to send a message to "mailtest" from another, working, 
e-mail account and nothing happens. This time, "doveadm log errors" is empty.

In short, I don't get any error but no mail either.

Aki Tuomi <aki.tu...@dovecot.fi> replies with several solutions:

In your configuration, dovecot uses whatever user/group returned by
PAM. Since the webuser has never logged in, it has no directory under
/var/mail. If you want, you can

a) override mail_uid and mail_gid in userdb/passdb
b) pre-create /var/mail/webuser and chown it to webuser:ftpusers
c) you can let ftpusers write to /var/mail.

Ok, I thought I had to do all of them (and didn't understand step a)). So I've 
done step c) by allowing everyone write access.

Or if you dynamically/frequently onboard mail accounts, and users cannot
arbitrarily write into this directory, you can "chmod 1777 /var/mail/" and
let dovecot auto-create it (might also want to set "lda_mailbox_autocreate
= yes".

I've done it right now; same problem.
Since "doveadm log errors" returns an empty result, where should I look for the 

Thank you.

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