Marnaud <> writes:

"mailtest", the new user, is in group mail(8).  In addition, I've added
write permission for "others" to /var/mail.  Now, I'm trying to send a
message to "mailtest" from another, working, e-mail account and nothing
happens.  This time, "doveadm log errors" is empty.

In short, I don't get any error but no mail either.

Two things to check:

        # What does dovecot think user "mailtest" has?
        doveadm user mailtest

        # The sticky bit should be set on /var/mail (you didn't mention
        # setting it.  It probably doesn't have bearing on this problem,
        # but it will make it a little more secure.
        chmod 1777 /var/mail

Since "doveadm log errors" returns an empty result, where should I look
for the problem?

I usually don't use this command, I look at the log file which seems
to have more details.  Try looking there for more diagnostics.  Also,
look at your MTA's logs as well.

Joseph Tam <>

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