On 18.10.2016 11:47, Ximo Mira wrote:
> Hi, 
> Last night we tried a traffic bypass in an existing mail environment before 
> migration to new Dovecot backend platfom using Dovecot proxy. We are using an 
> LDAP value for checking the proxy host of the user. 
> POP traffic was running flawlessly, but IMAP connections started to drop when 
> few clients connected: 
> Oct 17 22 :26:51 master: Warning: Sent SIGKILL to 100 imap-login processes 
> There are hundreds of these lines, always between 99 and 100 processes. Looks 
> like some kind of limit, but not sure if its related to the Dovecot proxy 
> machines (pool of 3 in total) or the final destination (the same IMAP server 
> for +10000 users). Concurrect IMAP connections may rise to around 2000. 
> Thanks. 


You apparently have also opened support ticket about this?


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