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> I’m doing a new dovecot mail server for my domain.  Here’s yet another thing 
> I mucked up.
> I wanted to set up virtual mailboxes.  One reason was that I wanted to set up 
> virtual users for the domain so I don’t need to create user accounts just 
> mail accounts.
> I followed one of the many examples / tutorials out there and I end up with 
> the following warning message.
> postfix/trivial-rewrite[8818]: warning: do not list domain 
> <machine>.<domain>.com in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains
> I checked my configuration, I don’t see where I’ve set up anything for 
> mydestination in postfix.

First of all, this is a problem regarding postfix. And this is a
mailinglist about dovecot...

In such cases, we need more information about your configuration. The
best thing you can do is to use the command "postconf -n".

In MY postfix config, I use:
mydestination = $myhostname, localhost, localhost.$mydomain

For virtual domains you can use a parameter called "relay_domains". In
MY config:
relay_domains = hash:${config_directory}/relay_domains

I recommend to post your question to a postfix-mailinglist, including
"postconf -n".

Or use google and search for: postfix dovecot

> I’m trying to work thru the log file issues that I can find… this is just one 
> more.
> To add to the confusion, I’m using webmin as my server admin UI to make life 
> easier…  yet it seems to much things up a bit
> Any suggestions?
> Thx
> -Mike

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