> On 7 Aug 2017, at 10.14, Simone Marx :: Edinet Srl <sim...@edinet.info> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would need some suggestion for a dovecot based mail infrastructure.
> Actually, only one server (with dovecot sendmail amavis spamassassin clamav 
> etc etc) is no longer enouth, so I thought I would put on a more complex 
> infrastructure on different servers.
> But I do not know a few things.
> I was thinking about partitioning users on 3-4 servers with dovecot (imap / 
> pop3) and dovecot-lda (no networked filesystem between them) and then 
> configuring 1-2 servers with dovecot director and 1-2 servers for SMTP with 
> postfix.
> It is not clear how the director will map user -> server to be used and, in a 
> user virtualization context (maybe on MySQL) what is the owner / permissions 
> I should give to home folders where I will store mail

TBH, if you really are going to have standalone backends without any shared 
and you are going to bind users to specific backend then you are better off 
director layer. Instead you should use dovecot proxies to forward the 
(imap/lmtp) to specific backend from there.


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