Alef Veld writes:

I'm wondering if there is any cache for a certificate or something, my
maillog shows up something like 10 bytes read, -1.  So it returns an
error. I deleted the accounts and created them again, still no go.
Anyone had anything similar before?

On top of the usual mail set up problems (and it appears to be some
SSL/STARTLS port number mismatch), setting up a iPhone/MacOSX mail client
can be an exercise in frustration as cause and effect may not be

What can happen is that after setting up parameters, if they don't work
(owing to misconfiguration or transient network problem), your mail client
will start varying the mail parameters (port #, TLS/SSL parameters,
with/without domain, etc.) in hopes of finding something that works.
Sort of auto-discovery/auto-correction.

All of a sudden, without apparent cause, it will bump into the right
settings (which may co-incide with your original settings) and it will
start working.  Uber confusing.

I believe if you disable the "Automatically manage connection" feature, it
will make your settings fixed.  This may not be the cause of your original
problem, but at least you won't be trying to troubleshoot a moving target.

Joseph Tam <>

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