Hello All,
Sorry for reposting. Earlier I was in digest mode hence could not update the
previous post.

I am trying to migrate mail from a dovecot-2.0.13-1_129.el5 maildir to
dovecot-2.2.10-8.el7.x86_64 centos 7 mdbox.

I am using this command 
doveadm -v -o mail_fsync=never backup -R -u u...@domain.com  imapc:
also tried 
doveadm -v -o mail_fsync=never sync -1 -R -u u...@domain.com imapc:

Both work flawlessly - Timo is great !!! - My issue is the source folders
are all marked as read. The target folders of-course have unread OK. POP3
UIDLs are also ok (tested for one user).

(1) My question is how can I make the source remain same (unread status
etc.) so that I do migrate the various domains in a transparent manner and
then switch servers ?. I have multiple virtual domains.
(2) One more question do I have to do both imapc_ & also pop3c_ migration
since I need the POP UIDLs to work properly for my outlook POP3 users after
migration ?.

I want to know the possibilities.


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