I am trying to make a mail server with Postfix using the Dovecot software. At 
the time of wanting to access my server from a mail client, it does not let me 
access and see the logs of my server with the command:

    $ service dovecot status
with the following error:

    dovecot: auth-worker(2769): Error: mysql( Connect failed to 
database (postfix): Access denied for user 'postfix'@'localhost' (using 
password: YES) - waiting for 125 seconds before retry

From what I understand of this error is that it is trying to enter 'postfix' @ 
'localhost' instead of the domain that I specify when I made the database that 
is mydomain.com

How can you make dovecot go to MySQL with post...@mydomain.com instead of 

This is my Dovecot configuration




    connect=host= dbname=postfix user=postfix password=postfix

    password_query=SELECT username,domain,password FROM usuarios WHERE 
username='%n' AND domain='%d'

    user_query=SELECT 1007 as uid, 1007 as gid, 
concat("maildir:/var/vmail",domain,'/',username,'/') as mail FROM usuarios 
WHERE username='%n' AND domain='%d'

    iterate_query=SELECT username,domain FROM usuarios

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