Let's say I have 2 domains:

- Virtual Mailbox Domain: example.local (internal domain)
- Virtual Alias Domain: example.com (public domain)

Every mail sent to @example.com is really sent to  @example.local.

I have a virtual alias that forward mails sent to support-...@example.com
is sent finally to:

Now, I'd want to every mail was sent to support-...@example.com it triggers
an autoreply vacation style.

So, I've wrote and compiled a sieve filter, something like that and put in
op1@example.local sieve folder.

But it fails complaining like that:
nov 29 15:55:39 muteriver.example.local dovecot[12549]: lmtp(12675,
op1@example.local): CqNdF6sCH1qDMQAAcSFsIQ: sieve: msgid=<
ded22f3d-f1e3-157e-0667-ca73d851d...@example.com>: discarding vacation
response for implicitly delivered message; no known (envelope) recipient
address found in message headers (recipient=<op1@example.local>, and
additional `:addresses' are specified)

I've tried appending in dovecot configuration:

lda_original_recipient_header = X-Original-To

But it does not work either.

Using: dovecot-pigeonhole-2.2.10-8.el7.centos.x86_64 and

Please could you help me?

Thanks in advance!

Sergio Belkin
LPIC-2 Certified - http://www.lpi.org

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