> On December 2, 2017 at 5:36 PM GE Junk <junk...@planetmorgan.net> wrote:
> I get a ton of these mmap() errors in the log. I noticed there's a 
> double slash before Maildir. Is this normal? Config error? Dovecot bug?
> dovecot: imap(em...@email.net): Error: mmap() failed with file 
> /shares/email/vmail/vmail1/email.net/e/m/a/email-2017.
> Invalid argument
> I'm running dovecot version 2.2.22
> Thanks
> Eric

Most likely the file system does not support mmap. Is it some remote 
filesystem, such as NFS? You probably can get better results by disabling mmap 
from dovecot.


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