> On 3 Dec 2017, at 23.23, Davide Marchi <dan...@msw.it> wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I would like to ask you a suggestion:
> I need to migrate a imap server to a new one and then dismiss the old one.
> Reading from relative Dovecot documentation page 
> (https://wiki.dovecot.org/Migration), more tools are shown:
> UW-IMAP's mailutil, imapsync, YippieMove and Larch.
> The each mail servers are Linux based, one of this (mine) is Dovecot.
> Based on your experience which of these tools would be preferable to use?

If you want to preserve IMAP UID:s and possibly also POP3 UIDL:s then dovecot 
dsync is the only tool that can do it. 

With every other tool you will face end users needing to  invalidate their 
local caches and 
redownloading all headers if not also all mail bodies.


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