"Davide Marchi" <dan...@msw.it> writes:

UW-IMAP's mailutil, imapsync, YippieMove and Larch.

Whatever you use, *don't* use UW-IMAP's mailutil unless you got lots
of time to kill.  It is dreadfully slow -- I used it to export some of
my users' mailboxes to Gmail or other remote mail servers, and I could
almost cut&paste the messages faster.

Like Aki said, if you have the same mailbox format and FS access on both
sides, rsync is much simpler.  You can also try exporting the
old mailboxes via NFS, and with some artful symlinks, march through your user
mailboxes replacing the symlinks with the instantiated local copies and
have almost zero downtime.

Joseph Tam <jtam.h...@gmail.com>

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