Il 04/12/2017 17:37, Michael Slusarz ha scritto:
I think Davide was asking about dsync. If so, the answer is no: dsync
works only when both servers are Dovecot and needs some additional
configuration to work through the network (see
This is entirely incorrect.  The source platform for dsync can be ANY IMAP/POP 

The recommended tool for migrating into Dovecot is dsync.  You don't need any 
other tool, and other tools aren't going to preserve state so they are pretty 
much worthless for a real-world in-place migration.
Entirely?! At most half incorrect. My apologies, I didn't know about the dsync's IMAP feature (I suppose it wasn't there from the beginning).
This fact still remain: you can use dsync only when dovecot is involved.
Even so (IMHO) the sentence "You don't need any other tool" is a bit too much. Who ever know all possible use cases in the world?

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