On 10/12/17 20:05, André Rodier wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have been using Postfix and Dovecot for my personal emails for years.
> After being tired of reinstalling my personal mail server many times, I
> am currently writing some Ansible scripts to do it automatically.

Kudos, it's a good project.  Thanks for sharing it.

I thought it might be useful to offer a counterpoint: I thought about
automating server setup, but decided against it because I do it seldom
enough (for my personal serveres) that I should expect bitrot and
software evolution to make what I automate not quite work the way I
expect on next setup.  Instead, I wrote up extensive notes about how I
set up my servers with a few scripts to help me compare config files. 
It's a work in progress, like all such things.


The real point, I suppose, is that if I have to set up a new version of
my server, say because I'm upgrading OS significantly, I'd like to force
myself to look at what I'm doing rather than have the false confidence
that comes from having perfectly scripted it some years back but not
having thought through texting in light of whatever changes have
happened to software since.

Reasonable people may dispute these points.  It's also significant that
I don't like to spend the time on devops necessary to debug these sorts
of things, so there's a lot of personal taste in it.


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