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thatis not secure and you might as well use gmail

It is not so hard to just get a static IP and put a mail server up.

Why do you think this isn't secure?

Gmail wouldn't let me run my own spam and AV solution. My external server gives me full control, with sendmail, MIMEDefang, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, dovecot, and procmail. I could, in principle, keep a remote copy of all my mail there and dsync it to my home server. I'm using fetchmail (with SSL option) only because I didn't understand dsync when I set it up.

I'm still a bit unclear on how dsync decides which users to sync. All my users are real system users, not virtual users. I'd like to retire my 3 older accounts on my home system to never receive email again, only provide it for archival reading, and direct all my mail to new accounts that could be dsync'd to the leased external server. So I'd want to limit dsync to only sync the new accounts. Which might even be virtual.

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