Sami Ketola wrote:> We run all our migrations using Dovecot internal dsync. Usually using imapc connector to connect to legacy


Many thanks Wqmi!
Well, I've read the dsync documentation, but this warning has me a little worried:

"Make sure destination is exactly as source, deleting/reverting any changes in destination if necessary"

So I followed the Imapsync way, and all works fine.

I seem to have understood thatImapsync works as a traditional client,for this reason also much easier to use and with less mistakes risk. And anyway a software done very well ;-)

x9p wrote:> I do not believe imapsync has license issues. Its written in perl and its
hosted on github. You can pay for support if you want. and disable stats
uploaded to their servers, via command line.

Well, clear, many thanks x9p!

Many thanks to all!


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