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using deny passwd to restrict IMAP/POP3 access (https://wiki.dovecot.org/Authentication/RestrictAccess), I get deny passdb match messages:

Feb 13 16:09:33 server-02 dovecot: auth: passwd-file(USERNAME,,<9hzaYRllbsCTehgu>): User found from deny passdb

only with auth_verbose=yes, sets global or defined in passdb block.

But if I set auth_verbose=yes, for every user not present in passwd-file, Dovecot logs:

Feb 13 16:09:57 server-02 dovecot: auth: passwd-file(USERNAME,,<9hzaYRllbsCTehgu>): unknown user

I know that if the account does not exist in the first passdb (deny passdb), then the error occur, even if it exists in the other passdb. This is normal, but auth_verbose shouldn't be used only to " Log unsuccessful authentication attempts and the reasons why they failed." ??

Again, I'm not a programmer, but 'auth_request_log_info' function in 'https://github.com/dovecot/core/blob/release-2.2.33/src/auth/auth-request.c' seems to log events only when 'auth_verbose=yes'. Is there another way to get deny passdb match messages, without enable verbose log ?


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