On 2018-02-13 (13:44 MST), Aki Tuomi <aki.tu...@dovecot.fi> wrote:
> Check dovecot logs why user listing returned an error. Auth process is 
> producing the error.


auth-worker(40200): Error: sql: Iterate query failed: Table 'postfix.users' 
doesn't exist

Which is accurate, the database does not contain a table postfix.users, and 
never has done.

But users on sql managed domains have no trouble logging in a nd I can use 
doveadm for individual users.

What should postfix.users contain?

driver =  mysql
connect = host=localhost dbname=postfix user=dovecot password=*password*
default_pass_scheme = SHA256-CRYPT
password_query = select password FROM mailbox where username ='%u'
user_query = select 89 as uid, 89 as gid, concat('/usr/local/virtual/', 
maildir) as home FROM mailbox where username = '%u'

I don't see where dovecot is getting "postfix.users" since the structure of the 
database uses mailbox and the field username, as shown in the sql configuration 
file for dovecot above.

$ grep -ir "from users" /usr/local/etc/dovecot/

Only shows results from example-config files

In fact, checking the entire /usr/local/etc/ for that spring on shows it in 
various example configs (dovecot, pureftpd, and amavisd)

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