Hello Götz,

As an intermediate skill level admin I found it not too hard. The dovecot part was easier than the solr one, mostly as I am stuck on an old system.

Solr indeed is blazingly fast. Searching several imap (sub)folders slows it down a bit, because imap only always searches a single one and then another one and so on. A proposed rfc to tackle that does not move forward.

There is a trick to have messages indexed on arrival, instead of at mailbox access, "fts_autoindex = yes" in the plugin section. This is not mentioned in the dovecot wiki page but might be useful.

In solr schema.xml I put some extra "copyField" stances, so from, to, and subject get indexed with body. My users are mostly on thunderbird, which only does body searches on the server.

Happy Hacking


Am 23.02.18 um 08:55 schrieb Götz Reinicke:
Hi all,

we run dovecot for a long time now with no complains from the users … until this week. Some users say, the search in mailfolders from iPhone (which only stores a few mails and search most on the server as I know) or our web mailer (SOGo, which I currently search also on the imap server) is „slow“.

As this is sort of individual experience, I was thinking of ways to speed up the search and came across the fts_solr plugin.

My question is, can I „just“ configure the its_solg plugin as described at the dovecot wiki? https://wiki.dovecot.org/Plugins/FTS/Solr

How difficult is is to set up a solr server for that purpose? As our current mail hardware is not busy at all, is it ok to install Solr on the same hardware/server?

May be someone using that setup can give me some hints?

And: How hard is it to switch back to the „build in“ default search if we don’t see any benefit from hosting a solr server too.

Thanks for feedback and suggestions . Regards . Götz

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