Thanks but what answer it mean "doveconf -n"? 
I have neither control nor access in the dovecot installation to which I'm connecting.

I'm waiting to know the dovecot version but it could be that for legal reasons I will never receive it.

So please, if you know it obviously, why and when a dovecot server sends that notice?

Thanks, bye

Raffaele Gambelli

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Oggetto: Re: Stale mailbox lock file

On 23.02.2018 11:41, Raffaele Gambelli wrote:
Hi all,
I would like to understand the meaning of "Stale mailbox lock file detected"
In index-storage.c ( ) there is this notice "Stale mailbox lock file detected" ...

I have a java application which connects via javamail to a dovecot server and I have some anomalies when that message comes.

Thanks, bye

Raffaele Gambelli

This is third email you've sent about this...

doveconf -n

Also do you have some other process(es) that touch the mailbox?


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