Once you cache grows bigger than 0x4000000 you have problems

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Date: 23/02/2018  20:33  (GMT+02:00) To: dovecot@dovecot.org Subject: Re: 
Assertion during dsync receive 

    Thanks. I've had the user clear out that mailbox, and replication is
    working fine for them again.


    Is there a better way to catch this than watch for crashes and read
    the backtrace to find what mailbox needs to be shrunk?


    Where is the threshold for "too big"?


    -- Ian


    On 2/23/18 11:33 AM, Aki Tuomi wrote:

      The mailbox is too big.



        Aki Tuomi
        Dovecot oy

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        From: Ian Bobbitt <ibobb...@globalnoc.iu.edu> 
        Date: 23/02/2018 17:52 (GMT+02:00) 
        To: dovecot@dovecot.org 
        Subject: Assertion during dsync receive 



      I'm getting an assertion failed on the receiving side, causing
      syncs to fail for one user. The servers are setup so that

      only one is receiving any traffic other than replication at any
      time. The one that's only receiving replications is the

      one that's failing.


      I've tried deleting the user's home on the receiving server, but
      it still crashes during the sync. Oddly, the user's

      home is 7.4G on the sending server, but ends up at 42G on the
      receiving side, even after deleting and trying a fresh sync.


      The mailbox implicated in the backtrace ("Spam") does have a very
      large number of messages in it.

      On sender:

      Spam messages=1217764 recent=0 uidnext=1218103
      uidvalidity=1379509105 unseen=16 highestmodseq=744588

      guid=090ed93a7a055559abf10200fdf6807a firstsaved=1498744186

      On receiver:

      Spam messages=1217766 recent=352 uidnext=1218105
      uidvalidity=1379509105 unseen=16 highestmodseq=744589

      guid=090ed93a7a055559abf10200fdf6807a firstsaved=1519396172


      Feb 23 14:57:20 dovecot: dsync-local(bgeels): Warning: fscking
      index file


      Feb 23 14:57:20 dovecot: dsync-local(bgeels): Warning: mdbox
      /gnoc/mail/home/bgeels/mail/storage: rebuilding indexes

      Feb 23 14:57:33 dovecot: dsync-local(bgeels): Panic: file
      mail-index-util.c: line 10 (mail_index_uint32_to_offset):

      assertion failed: (offset < 0x40000000)

      Feb 23 14:57:33 dovecot: dsync-local(bgeels): Error: Raw
      backtrace: /usr/lib64/dovecot/libdovecot.so.0(+0x9f3de)

      [0x7feb584143de] ->
      /usr/lib64/dovecot/libdovecot.so.0(+0x9f4be) [0x7feb584144be]

      /usr/lib64/dovecot/libdovecot.so.0(i_fatal+0) [0x7feb583a577c]

      [0x7feb587906d0] ->

      [0x7feb58774f34] ->

      [0x7feb587884ff] ->

      [0x7feb5870b3ae] ->

      [0x7feb5870ccd8] ->

      [0x7feb5870ce7c] ->

      [0x7feb5870cf3b] ->

      [0x7feb586f2834] ->

      [0x7feb586f28d7] ->

      [0x445495] -> dovecot/doveadm-server() [0x43edc0] ->

      dovecot/doveadm-server(dsync_brain_sync_mails+0x743) [0x43f653]
      -> dovecot/doveadm-server(dsync_brain_run+0x541)

      [0x43acf1] -> dovecot/doveadm-server() [0x43b070] ->
      dovecot/doveadm-server() [0x44fe5f] ->

      [0x7feb58429cd2] ->

      [0x7feb5842b3bf] ->

      [0x7feb58429d6c] ->

      [0x7feb58429f28] -> dovecot/doveadm-server() [0x4209c5] ->

      dovecot/doveadm-server() [0x422df6] -> dovecot/doveadm-server()
      [0x4377f4] ->

      [0x7feb58429cd2] ->

      [0x7feb5842b3bf] ->


      Feb 23 14:57:33 dsync-local(bgeels): Fatal: master:
      service(doveadm): child 82098 killed with signal 6 (core dumped)


      I've attached the output of `doveconf -n` and the full backtrace
      from a core dump.


      Dovecot (GhettoForge package)

      CentOS 7 x86_64

      XFS, no NFS.



      -- Ian



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