On Mar 1, 2018, at 22:35, Aki Tuomi <aki.tu...@dovecot.fi> wrote:
> Under /etc/dovecot/virtual
> you create the virtual folder structure you want, and put the dovecot-virtual 
> files under those folders.
> such as
> /etc/dovecot/virtual/month/dovecot-virtual
> Then in dovecot.conf  you put
> namespace virtual {
>  location = virtual:/etc/dovecot/virtual:INDEX=~/virtual:CONTROL=~/virtual

Ah, that is nifty. I did try setting up a sample monthly box under my list 
accounts, but when I loaded up my mail client (I tried three) it only showed 
"virtual”and "month”as empty mailboxes (Mail.app in iOS/macOS, Thunderbird, 
Roundcube webmail).

However, this is more in line with what I would like to create, a single 
configuration for ALL users, so I will give that a shot before I start 

One quick note, ISBN;'t the default separator for Maildir '.’ and not '/'? I'd 
guess most everyone will need to specify


Yes? (At least when I tried '/‘as the separator dovecot complained)

My main job is trying to come up with new and innovative and effective ways to 
reject even more mail. I'm up to about 97% now.


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