On 06.03.2018 21:55, Yves Goergen wrote:
> Hi there,
> I cannot delete IMAP folders in new mailboxes. When trying to delete a
> folder in Thunderbird I get the error message "renaming not supported
> across conflicting directory permissions". Looking up the error on the
> web led me to checking the mailbox directory's permissions. They're
> inconsistent in new mailboxes. While every single directory in an old
> mailbox has "drwx--S---", some of the directories in a new mailbox
> have "drwxr-sr-x" instead. I'm not sure what that means. The folders
> with the later permissions are "Drafts", "Sent" and "Trash". Folders
> with the first permissions are "Junk", "Archives" and "Archives.2018".
> All folders were created by Thunderbird automatically. Now I wanted to
> delete "Archives.2018".
> What's the issue here? Why do folders created by the same MUA in the
> same event on the same mail server have different permissions and why
> can't I delete one of them (which would probably move it into the
> trash folder first)?
> Dovecot version is 2.2.22 on Ubuntu 16.04, Thunderbird is 52.6.0 on
> Windows 10.
> -Yves

Your problem is that your Trash folder appears to be on different volume
than the folder you are attempting to delete.


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