"Downgrading is possible to v2.2.27 and later. (v2.2.27 accidentally broke 
dovecot.index* backwards compatibility a bit.) "

I've thrown caution to the winds, and downgraded back to 2.2.22, by turning off 
the Dovecot-PPA, deinstalling, and installing 2.2.22 again from the 
Ubuntu package sources. Then I could at least log in to the dovecot server 

But i still needed Pigeonhole 0.4.14, and in 2.2.22 there is only 0.4.13. "IMAP 
Sieve" is not added before 0.4.14. I have a Kubuntu 16.04.3 LTS System, and the 
contained version is only 2.2.22. So I downloaded and installed the needed 
dovecot packages from the newer Ubuntu version 17.10. That's version 2.2.27.

And now - I can log in, and there are no complaints about the 
IMAPSieve-configuration not being recognized. (I need IMAPSieve for the 
training of a spam filter). Now I can continue with that spam filter.

So far, I habe no problems with the broken indexes - yet(??) (see above).

Eventually it can be said that the problem is probably an incompatibility 
between the dovecot wich ich packaged for Ubuntu, and the version from the 
dovecot PPA.


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