Hi all,
I am deeply interested in this topic considering that SAN level snapshots are 
not possible.
How do we effectively backup and restore SIS enable mdboxes?

Durga Prasad

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On 4/9/2018, 11:34:40 AM, Ivan Warren <i...@vmfacility.fr> wrote:
> Le 4/9/2018 à 4:56 PM, DurgaPrasad - DatasoftComnet a écrit :
>> Does doveadm backup backup the attachments as well when using SIS?

> As far as I know, it does (it de-shares shared attachments)
> I've used that solution to stop using SIS at one point (it created
> more problems than it solved - especially permission issues)

Hi Ivan,

Mind if I ask for details?

(and maybe Aki or Timo):

I was considering implementing SIS on a new server I'm planning (won't be for a 
few months now probably). I had decided against it a long time ago because it 
was new, and there were drawbacks (backups not being properly accounted for 
being one of the big ones). I was hoping it had matured a lot since then and 
the drawbacks at the time were mostly history. Maybe that is not the case?

If not, are there open bugs dealing with the issues, and plan for addressing 
them? Or is SIs just probably not ever going to be ready for prime time?

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