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try to flush the auth cache: doveadm auth cache flush u...@example.com
or: doveadm auth cache flush

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> Am 16.04.2018 um 20:39 schrieb Andre Luiz Paiz <andre.p...@iqm.unicamp.br>:
> Dear group members.
> I work with Dovecot and Openldap authentication. Sometimes users change 
> departments and we need to alter their homedir location. Every time this 
> process is needed, I perform this steps:
> 1 - Change homedir location in openldap
> 2 - Move homedir folder to the new location
> 3 - Re-apply permissions
> 4 - Remove user index folder
> After I do that, users cannot authenticate unless I restart dovecot, process 
> that I would like to avoid. Can you guys give a tip on what I need to change 
> to avoid this last problematic step? After the restart, everything works.
> Does the auth_cache feature also store the homedir location?

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