Op 16/04/2018 om 19:57 schreef Michael Tratz:
Messages are being sent to dovecot LMTP by postfix. If I change this email
to another server with dovecot 2.2.x the same message are delivered
Confirmed. Starts to fail here around 30Mb. Tested with Swaks.

Working on a fix...
Problem found. It is an explicit limit of 40Mb (for the 30Mb I saw in my
tests, there was also a base64 encoding I forgot about).

Will fix both the unhelpful error and the fact that there should be no
limit (currently) for LMTP.


I’m having the same issue with LMTP and large messages with dovecot 2.3.x. Can 
you tell me which commit fixes this issue? I looked through the GitHub commits, 
but it’s not clear to me which commit fixes this issue. I’d like to apply the 
patch and re-compile dovecot for my machines instead of having to downgrade to 

This fix is currently pending: https://github.com/stephanbosch/dovecot-core/commits/lmtp-fix-msg-size-limit

I'm seeing some CI issues still and I am waiting on some input from someone else.



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