On 07/13/2018 08:45 AM, J Doe wrote:
> I’m aware that this is because the code does not state to specify “TLS” for 
> the dovecot/imap [u...@example.com IDLE] line of output, but I’m 
> curious as to why that decision was made ?

TLS is done by the imap-login process. This process does all the actual talking 
to the client. The imap process blindly trusts whoever invoked it (imap-login), 
it doesn't authenticate the user either. Timo didn't want any crypto or 
authentication code, or to link against any such libraries in the imap process 

Your imap-login process does show TLS and this can be logged in the log file as 
well, see login_log_format_elements and the variables %c and %k

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