I leave well enough alone, but rev 2 got a new parser to allow more user 

The documentation may be old. However  the dovecot trigger does look for auth 

dovecot default imap-login: Aborted login (auth failed, 6 attempts): XYZ 
rip=, lip=

I run a personal email server and have the luxury of geographically limiting 
access to all mail ports other than 25. (I use 587). So I get few attempts at 
logins. Then again I can't access my email in 99% of the world in addition from 
hosting companies and cloud servers. 

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Subject: Re: fail2ban setup centos 7 not picking auth fail?

On Thu, 21 May 2020 23:22:04 -0700, lists stated:
>I use SSHGuard on well ssh (doh!), but supposedly you can use it for
>postfix and dovecot also. I can tell you it is well supported.  I am
>on Centos 7 using firewalld.

SSHGuard works fairly well with Postfix; however, it is virtually
useless with Dovecot. It never picks up on "auth fail" and a few
others. I have submitted documentation and requests to SSHGuard, but
they have never acted upon them, other than to say that they will look
into it.


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