That solved the problem.
Finally got rid of all duplicate items in sent folder. (Because of some mail 
clients not supporting disabling "Save a copy in sent folder when sending").

But why isn't this documented in the documentation?

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Ämne: Re: What causes mails to get striked-over only, and not deleted?

On 5/22/20 4:01 PM, Sebastian Nielsen wrote:
> and this sieve file (sent.sieve):
> discard;
> This should clearly cause the mail to be deleted right?
> But whats happen, is that the mail is not deleted, its just marked for
> deletion (gets a strike-through in Microsoft Outlook).

That means the message has had its "\Deleted" flag set, which is what
the discard command does:

But the mailbox has not been "expunged". You probably want to set
"imapsieve_expunge_discarded=yes"; see:

Robert L Mathews, Tiger Technologies,

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