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> I have code that is mostly written in older C++ (C++ x03) and an increasing
> amount written in C++ 11/14/17.  I need to know whether features such as
> final, template aliases, overrides, etc are supported as my developers
> increasingly use these features.  If they are not supported, I will have to
> find ways to work around the use of these language features.  And, if they
> are supported, I would like a reference document (or web page) that I can
> give to my developers.

The latest version (1.8.12) of doxygen has a new option: 
CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING. The documentation in the file says:

"# If the CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING tag is set to YES then doxygen will use the
# clang parser (see: http://clang.llvm.org/) for more accurate parsing 
at the
# cost of reduced performance. This can be particularly helpful with 
# rich C++ code for which doxygen's built-in parser lacks the necessary type
# information.
# Note: The availability of this option depends on whether or not 
doxygen was
# generated with the -Duse-libclang=ON option for CMake.
# The default value is: NO."

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