I cannot reproduce this with Saros/E.

It is also impossible to receive 2 invitations. This is handled in the core.


** [bugs:#875] Inviter Gets Invitation Dialog from Invitee**

**Status:** closed-invalid
**Group:** OTHER
**Created:** Wed Sep 21, 2016 09:07 AM UTC by Alexander Jakobi
**Last Updated:** Wed Sep 21, 2016 08:49 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody


A certain sequence of commands can lead to a state in which both parties 
(inviter and invitee) of a session initiation see an invitation dialog. As a 
consequence, a working session can not be established.

**Reproduction Steps**

This could not be reliably reproduced. The following is a test protocol with 
steps during which the faulty behaviour occured repeatedly, but not always.

1. Bob invites Alice
2. Alice accepts
3. Alice is asked where to save the files, chooses a place and clicks ok
4. Bob's network connection is interrupted (e.g. switched off WIFI)
5. Alice sees a message box: _Wizard cancelled locally, no response from..._
6. Alice clicks ok, the message box and wizard disappear; a progress bar 
remains blocking further actions
7. Approx. 30 seconds later, the progressbar disappears and an error message is 
shown: _Project could not be shared._
8. Alice is in no session
9. Bob's Saros panel still shows him being connected (See #870, #873)
10. Bob clicks disconnect, then reconnects
11. Bob invites Alice
12. Alice accepts
13. They both are shown to be in a session
14. **Both see a the wizard to choose the project location**

**Expected Behaviour**

When a session is initiated, only the invitee should see an invitation dialog 
and the wizard to choose the project location. As soon as an invitation is 
sent/received, incoming invitation should be automatically declined.


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